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The Legacy of Bruce Lee on Modern Cinema / 李小龙对现代电影的影响

The cinematic influence and legacy of Bruce Lee is immense. Not only is he simply a martial artist, but he has crafted a specific kind of action style, movement, and performance that continues to inspire latter-day filmmakers.









The Awesomeness of Blade Runner 2049 (2017)


Blade Runner 2049 is a science fiction cum detective story about K (an android) who is tasked to hunt down the possible descendants of a previous generation of rebellious android. In his investigation, he discovers a dead body of an android who had died in childbirth. With the new knowledge, K is not only tasked to track down the child but is also required to erase all evidence that suggest that androids may have evolved from being mere life-like machines.

What I find fascinating about the movie; other than the atmosphere and cinematography; is the question not so much about “What happens when A.I evolves to become like Humans?” But rather “What is humanity?”

Spoiler Alert:

Once K discovers that he is not the A.I / Human child of Rachael and Deckard; he gets over his disappointment; not by moving on; but in rescuing Deckard.

Despite his obvious disappointment and acceptance that he is, at the end of the day, just another android,  K rises above any feelings of resentment and anger to rescue both Deckard.

The humanity that is shown; rather the kind of “man” that is celebrated is not the obviously heroic figure or the designated anti-hero. But the film not only empathize but celebrate the “underclass” in the story.

K (the everyday man/worker bee) discovers not so much a world-changing secret but his own sense of self-worth; not by feeling sorry for himself; but in doing something about his own condition and sets about to determine his own ending and destiny. 

That is what I think is awesome about the film.