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The Awesomeness of “The Bride” in Kill Bill (2003)

The Bitch as Avenging Angel in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill (2003)

Kill Bill is an awesome movie. And The Bride in Kill Bill is an awesome character. Indeed, Quentin Tarantino himself is a filmmaker that frustrates inasmuch as he entertains his audiences and subverts the expectations of everyone. But most notably, Tarantino is not only recognised as someone who is a cinematic auteur but is also something of a cinephile who adapts shots or sequences from earlier films in his own works. Indeed, his innovation as a writer-director (and there are many; tense dialogue, unique action sequences and music choices) is largely based upon his hard work to subvert, overturn and, indeed, recombine discrete elements from different genres and films to surprise and jolt his viewers.

In Kill Bill (2003), Tarantino reconfigures the received conventions of the revenge film genre – most notably the Death Wish film series of the seventies – by replacing the man with the woman, the innocent with the guilty, and the victim with the perpetrator whilst drawing upon the the action aesthetics Japanese samurai and Chinese martial arts films.  But most importantly, the director does not use the standard “normal everyday joe” as his protagonist. Instead, his avenging protagonist is a super female assassin who is determined to do whatever it takes to avenge her loss.

Indeed, Tarantino’s greatest achievement is to write, direct, and create a Film Role that is not only a Woman in a leading role but a fearless and awesome character in of herself.  The director does not only reconfigure but decidedly highlights the potentiality of women as not only the equal of evil men but also the apex of them.

Indeed, the protagonist was never a victim or positioned as one. Rather, the character is typically ambushed, surprised, and/or taken advantage when she is either incapacitated or unconscious.

That is because she is a Superheroine and a Symbol of Women Power who is able to mother as well as kick ass. She is someone who does not suffer fools inasmuch as she does not try to let others stand in her way. She is also highly skilled, determined, and hardworking. And most of all, she is not simply a killing machine. But someone who cares and loves deeply.