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Costs of Globalization and Trade

Economists on the Run

As Stiglitz put it to Foreign Policy: “Obviously, the costs [of globalization] would be borne by particular communities, particular places—and manufacturing had located [to] places where wages were low, suggesting that these were places where adjustment costs were likely large.” And it’s increasingly clear the detrimental effects may not be merely short-term trends. The swift opening up of trade with developing countries, combined with investment agreements, has “dramatically changed workers’ bargaining power (an effect reinforced by weakening unions and other changes in labor legislation and regulation).”

Essay: A Task for Southeast Asian Contemporary Art – Introduction

What is Southeast Asian Contemporary Art? To answer this question, we have to answer a more fundamental question; what is ‘contemporary art’?  Where did it come from? How does it matter to artists? Why does it matter to artists? Does it  matter at all? Continue reading